Do Over

So it’s time to start again with this experiment and see where it leads.

I want to consider some of the best things I have been listening to, and maybe some successes (or not!) in cooking or baking.

On the podcast front – The Daily continues to excel in so many ways. I had the opportunity to hear Michael Barbaro speak recently, and was most interested in his discussion of the mix of stories they select. It continues to engage listeners in fresh ways. There are the bombshell news stories that you know will be covered, but then, the ones that you don’t see coming, the ones that make you cry. Recently, an episode about a family divided in North and South Korea, a lost father, and two families wondering, was wrenching. This remarkable journalism really takes advantage of the intimacy of the podcasting medium. A feature about a woman who dreamed of being a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints – only to see it realized and have the experience be fundamentally at odds with what she had envisioned – was captivating in its detail and the human specificity of her story.

On a totally different note, I enjoy By the Book immensely. The rapport between the two hosts reveals a deep, respectful friendship. It is an antidote to any loneliness you may feel in your life, because it is so heartening to be a part of such a relationship. Their partners are always welcome adding a dose of wry love to the mix. I don’t read these kinds of books. Yet hearing Kristen and Jolenta distill the books to their essence, and detail their lived experience with them, represents a hopeful and workable way to integrate some of the concepts into my life. Moreover the frankness and humor J & K bring to the endeavor is singular. I’m thrilled they just launched their third season. I caught on in the middle of season two and binged a whole bunch of episodes!

I will save more podcasts for another day, in order to try to make this a habit.

Cooking this week has not been too exciting but the results have been very well-received by the fam. I’m sure they would say there’s a lesson there, but I don’t necessarily want to take that lesson.

Monday we were out of town, had car trouble, and a school event = protein or Kind bars for dinner. Boo.

Tuesday, though, I was inspired on Instagram. Specifically, who can resist a fabulous picture of noodles? I saw on Bon Appetit’s Basically account this: Bon Appetit No Fail Stir Fry Udon. I made the underlying recipe almost as is, to great satisfaction. I even made a veggie version for lunch the next day!

Wednesday entailed a Costco run, which meant I picked up a rotisserie chicken. Looking to Dinner a Love Story for inspiration, as I frequently do, I adapted the road trip chicken sandwiches for dinner. Added a bright cabbage slaw, with accents on the lime. Thursday, we had more chicken to use, so I constructed a burrito bowl bar, with shredded chicken, cilantro lime brown rice (yay Trader Joe’s three minute frozen rice!), sautéed peppers and onions, black beans, cheese, mashed avocado (livened with cumin, lime and, of course, salt), and some other fixin’s. Again, not exactly my best, most-creative “cooking” but it’s nice to sit down to a dinner table full of smiles.

Back soon.



Politics Overload

I confess I’m a politics and news junkie.  And weeks like this, that means that my podcast listening gets dominated, overwhelmed, by political podcasts and commentary.

So here’s a list, based on my memory so I’m sure it’s partial, of some of the podcasts I’ve listened to this week:

NYT The Daily – essential listening

Washington Week & Washington Week Extra (listening now)

Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It

NPR Politics (several special episodes)

FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast (also had an emergency episode)

The Pollsters

Primary Concerns (The New Republic)

Quorum Call (National Journal)

New Yorker Politics and More — First person Scaramucci scuttlebutt!

Slate – Politics Gabfest, Trumpcast, Trumpcare tracker, The Gist (yes I’m a Slate Plus member to avoid commercials on all of these!)

Freak Out and Carry On – a new one I’m still trying out

I wonder what I’ve missed. As you can imagine, this hasn’t left time for much else, although I did catch a bunch of Bon Appetit episodes one day when I was in the kitchen. I especially enjoy cooking to food podcasts.


Maybe I’ll use the next post to list a bunch of the episodes I can’t wait to get to, that have been postponed due to politics overload.


Of Bread and Podcasts

I have never had a blog before. I don’t know where I will go with this, but I read a lot of blogs and thought it would be fun. I bake bread, sometimes, and relish the organic creation of *bread* out of some flour, water, salt. It’s quite the creation.

I’m also a bit of a podcast fanatic.   A power listener, who is also fascinated with many of the business and creative aspects of the podcast phenomenon.  So I expect I will talk about podcasts here. Specific episodes as well as shows that catch my eye, delight me, make me think, etc.

I don’t know if anyone else will ever read this, or if it will just be a way to document my own listening and baking. Time will tell, I guess.